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The Importance of a Happy Workplace

A happy workplace has such a significant effect on workers that it simply cannot be overlooked. The International Day of Happiness falls on the 20th of March, which is dedicated to ‘the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human goal’. There are a lot of benefits in keeping your staff happy including financial returns. While it is great to dedicate a day to being completely happy, it is imperative that every company does what it can to create a happy and content workplace throughout the year if it wants to find success.

Happy Workers Are Productive Workers

When you do research on Happiness Day, you will find data that backs up some of the oldest corporate clichés around. For example, statistically happy workers are more productive workers. A staff that feels content with its company and work is much more likely to achieve, or exceed, productivity goals, which puts a lot more money on the bottom line.

Being Happy Reduces Turnover

It can be easy to forget just how much a company loses in employee turnover, but the financial damage of losing employees can be significant. When an employee leaves, there will be a period of lost productivity while the company finds and trains that replacement. There are also those recruiting and training costs to consider, which can be considerable if the job is technically complex.

Investing in employee happiness reduces turnover and allows a company to be more profitable. It can be considerably less expensive for a company to invest in keeping its employees happy than it would be to constantly pay to replace experienced workers. Investing in employee happiness is good for the company bottom line and makes good business sense.

Happiness Is an Ongoing Process

Maintaining a happy workplace requires dedication on the part of the management and executive teams. The misconception is that paying high salaries is the only way to keep employees happy and this is not the case at all. For example, developing opportunities for employees to be promoted into positions of more responsibility gives employees something to work for and strengthens morale.

Company management can make employees happy by taking the time to recognize employee achievements. Something as simple as a handwritten note from a manager complimenting an employee on an accomplishment can develop a strong sense of satisfaction in the employee’s work and with the company.

Everyone Must Be Invested In Company Happiness

In order for a company to remain truly happy, all levels of the management and executive teams must be completely invested in employee happiness. There should be ongoing efforts to make the workplace more pleasant and present employees with opportunities to advance their careers. Management needs to take any threats to employee happiness very seriously and do whatever can be done to maintain strong morale at all times.

The concept behind Happiness Day can seem lighthearted, but its purpose has a very sound business concept behind it. By investing in the happiness of its employees, a company will see a significant return on that investment and enjoy a healthier bottom line. Companies need to work closely with their employees to develop policies and programs that encourage a happy workplace and make each company the kind of place where people want to work.

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