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Telegraph: Bizwiki makes sense for your business has once again been mentioned in the Telegraph as a great way for small firms to advertise online.

Being asked for advice on how small businesses can promote themselves on the web, Will Critchlow of online marketing firm Distilled, said that listing in free business directories like made sense but questioned the return on traditional paid-for directories. Read the full story here.

The story primarily focuses on promoting your website online. Remember that if you have a website you can add it to your Bizwiki listing at no charge. We’ll even show a snippet of your website’s text in the “From the Website” section on your Bizwiki record.

If you don’t have a website yet you can use your Bizwiki listing to advertise your business online. A Bizwiki listing puts your details in front of potential customers by being distributed to some of the UK’s top local search sites. And it’s all FREE.

So sign up now and add as much factual information as you can. See this post for ideas of what type of information to add to your Bizwiki record and this one for tips on getting it approved quickly.

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A New Take on Yellow Pages


This 394 Yellow Pages business card holder was designed by a London-based industrial design professional Afroditi Krassa and presented at this year’s Green Design Festival in Athens. It was a part of a ‘Once Upon a Year’ collection and came with free instructions on how to make it using last year’s telephone directory. Business cards, photos, envelopes, notes and other paper items can be stored in this holder, which can be laid flat or displayed vertically. Sizes and configurations are up to the maker.

It may have been worth holding on to your last year’s directory after all!
(Via: MoCo Loco)

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It’s Official – Web Overtakes Print for Local Search Queries

A new study of 3000 US consumers puts local search at the top of the charts for ways people use to find local business information.

TMP Direction Marketing’s Local Search Usage Study confirms that in 2008 the web comes out ahead of print for local business information searches. Last year’s study showed printed phone directories as having a slightly larger following with 33% of respondents citing print as their first point of call for local information and the web following closely behind at 30%.

This year the tables have turned and search engines top the list at 31% with printed directories falling to 30%. It’s a close race, but as Screenwerk’s Greg Stirling puts it, we have now passed the tipping point. I wholeheartedly agree with Greg’s comment that there will be differences in the web/print usage depending on the category and market but the trend is definitely moving towards the richer data consumers can find online. Printed directories simply can’t provide reviews, opening hours, product and service details in the same way that online local directories can.

What this means to local businesses is that it’s now essential to have a good local search presence. A listing on Google Local, Bizwiki (and the sites Bizwiki powers) and other free online business directories and local search sites help to put your details in front of your potential customers. The good news is that, unlike some of the print directories, Bizwiki is free and you’re not limited to just a phone number and address. And Bizwiki also saves you time by placing your listing on not just the one (albeit fantastic!) site, Bizwiki also powers other major local search sites such as, and British Services as well as industry specific verticals such as BuilderNet.

Have you signed up for your free listing?

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Bizwiki Launches Instant Publishing

Bizwiki has just launched an exciting new ‘Instant Publishing’ feature. Where previously if you submitted a new company to Bizwiki it would only be publicly available once an editor had verified and approved it, now all submissions will be instantly published on the site and immediately available on Bizwiki to the general public.

In line with our goal of creating a website that is both a comprehensive and reliable resource for the public, these new records will be marked as ‘Awaiting Approval’ until an editor has reviewed them. This lets users know that Bizwiki Editors have not yet checked the information and contact details. Once the submission has been verified and approved that label will be removed and at that point the record will also be distributed to the other sites that Bizwiki powers.

Please note that this update only applies to brand new submissions. Any revision (change) requests will currently still be held for Editor verification and approval.

We’re planning a lot more updates in the coming months and are now powering some of the UK‘s most popular local search sites. More information about submitting to Bizwiki can be found on our FAQ section. And remember, it’s FREE and you can add your website, branches and as much factual information as you want. So submit your company and get listed now!

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Bizwiki at Hyperlocal Mashup

Two of the people behind Bizwiki will be at the Hyperlocal (Local 2.0) mashup Workshop in London tomorrow (3rd October).

This Workshop aims to provide a forum for the people, organisations and companies working in the ‘local’ sector affected by and developing solutions, to collaborate around a number of key issues.

Keith Hinde, Bizwiki’s Chief Technical Architect, and Jurga Galvan, Bizwiki’s Social Marketer will be in attendance, so if you have any questions or would like a chat about what we’re doing in the local space please feel free to come along.

Mashup Hyperlocal

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