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The Top Internet-Based Industries in the U.K.

There is no doubt that the Internet has revolutionised the global economy. Internet-based technologies have clearly contributed to the expansion of globalisation and have opened a wide range of previously inexistent opportunities for both business owners and consumers. In barely two decades, the global economy has been profoundly transformed by new and powerful technologies, and this has had an impact on a large number of industry sub-sectors. Internet-based industries are certainly alive and kicking in the United Kingdom, and the opportunities for development are far from exhausted. This post will look at the top Internet-based industries in the UK and their most recent performance.


E-commerce and Internet technologies go hand in hand. This sector has grown enormously over the past few years, and there are now dozens of online retailers that are clearly successful and generate millions of pounds in revenues every year. According to an article published by The Guardian, the British Internet industry contributes more than £100 billion to the country’s economy (accounting for nearly 9 per cent of the UK’s total GDP), and the sales figures keep rising. In fact, when per capita expenditure is taken into consideration, the UK’s e-commerce industry is the world’s largest. British consumers spend up to 5 times more shopping online than in store, and in 2013 the average UK shopper spent over £1,200 in online purchases.

E-commerce has survived the crash of the dot-com bubble and has particularly benefited from the development of mobile technologies. A recent Interactive Media in Retail Group / Capgemini report has shown that m-retail sales figures increased by a staggering 138 per cent in 2012, generating revenues that were in excess of £3 billion. The past year has seen such a large increase in m-commerce sales figures that online retailer John Lewis has gone as far as coining the expression “mobile Christmas”.

The booming sales do not only correspond to businesses that are exclusively run online, since traditional retailers have also jumped on the e-commerce wagon and are now seeing obvious benefits. Click and collect schemes have been incredibly successful, partly because they combine the best of both worlds. It can be said that UK consumers have the world at their fingertips thanks to e-commerce.

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The Top Internet-Based Industries in the U.S.

The Internet has opened up expansive opportunities for businesses in the U.S. By developing a website or taking advantage of social media, a business can quickly soar to success. Certain Internet industries hold great promise in the U.S., and a few examples include the development of consulting firms, freelance writing agencies, tutoring firms, legal services and more. Here is an in-depth look at the top web-based industries in the U.S.

Consulting Firms

Online consulting is an industry that has taken the U.S. by storm in recent years. Individuals in virtually any field can become consultants by starting a website. One can take all of his or her knowledge gained from a particular industry to start his or her own consulting business. There are numerous free blog and website makers available on the Internet to help an individual start a consulting firm with little capital.

Green Energy Companies

The Internet now provides small businesses with an opportunity to provide additional services that may have not been otherwise offered. The local plumbing or appliance repair company may decide to provide energy consulting appointments to homeowners. The Internet provides these companies with a powerful platform to advertise additional services. Homeowners can now set up online appointments for energy consulting services. With energy consulting services, homeowners are able to decrease their monthly utility costs.

Freelance Writing, Editing and Publishing Firms

Another top Internet industry consists of the many freelance writing, editing and publishing companies that operate solely online. Through these types of services, businesses are able to order content on demand. Individuals can receive professional assessments of a novel, white paper or other publication that they have produced. Also, individuals from all backgrounds can become freelance writers and editors. An individual does not need to have a full-time career at a major magazine or a B.A. in English in order to become a freelance writer. Those who want to try their hand at writing or simply enjoy the activity can take advantage of the opportunities to create content through online firms. Online firms can also bank on the decreased costs of hiring freelance writers on an independent contractual basis.

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