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Bizwiki Beta Launch!

Bizwiki is now live to the public as a beta! A lot of work remains to be done, and the team is feverishly slaving away on the full version of the site, but in the meantime we’ve opened it up for people to have a look around. Please feel free to sign up, look around, try it out and comment on absolutely anything! If you come across a serious error or problem on the site, feel free to report it.

I think the best description of the technical team behind Bizwiki is ‘Nervously Proud’. Imagine a new father outside a maternity ward, waiting to hear whether all the fingers and toes arrived with the main package, and you probably have it in a nutshell.

But most importantly, welcome to the Bizwiki Beta, a taste of what’s to come in the world of online business!

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Welcome to the Bizwiki Blog!

This is the first post, so perhaps the best start would be to offer an introduction. This is the official blog for Bizwiki, a user edited site for businesses, companies and organisations that we hope will grow into one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive business directories on the web.

That is quite a challenge, and in order to accomplish it we are inviting users, business owners, company managers, consumers, clients and customers to get involved and increase the information available for everyone to use.

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