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Information and Data vs Reviews and Opinion

Why include reviews?

Bizwiki is dedicated to collecting and publishing business information rather than opinion, and the question of whether to include review functionality at all was debated early on in the project.

Our conclusion was that in some cases our visitors will want to know other peoples’ experiences with a business more than anything else, so we decided to add reviews as an alternative place for users to share opinions that would otherwise inevitably filter through into the business information.

After all, you can’t give users the right to edit the pages of a site and not expect them to want to express their views and opinions!

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The International Question

In answer to one of the frequent questions we have received during the process of building and planning the site, Bizwiki is planned to grow into an international directory of business.

We are starting with businesses in the United Kingdom, where most of our staff are based, but obviously the UK is not the only country that could benefit from an open directory for businesses. Versions of Bizwiki are planned for the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand over the next year. Read more »

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