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Improvements to Bizwiki’s Business Maps

We are happy to be able to announce that a new version of the maps we display for each business, company and organisation on the site has been completed and went live earlier today.

The new maps leverage the power of google-maps to display each location in a clearer way, with a shorter loading time. In response to the way we found many visitors were using the site, we’ve also changed the way the site works slightly so that users who click to ‘See a larger map’ now go directly to a page designed for printing. These pages display just the vital contact information about the company underneath a good-sized map that can be adjusted by the user or immediately printed.

We hope that the businesses on Bizwiki and the tens of thousands of people who use the site every day find these changes useful. The new system has been thoroughly tested, but as always any errors or location discrepancies can be reported here.

Thanks, and we hope you continue to find Bizwiki useful.

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