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Six Quick Ways to Enhance Your Company’s Listing on Bizwiki

You have added your company to Bizwiki (or someone else has) and people using the site can find your address, telephone number and read a little bit about your company.

Does it end there?

Absolutely not!

Because Bizwiki is a free business Wiki site you may – and we would encourage you to – add as much factual information about your business as you can.

Enhance Your Bizwiki Record

Bizwiki offers businesses free advertising that goes far beyond the standard “address and telephone number” entry that you can get on hundreds of online business directories. All you have to do is take the time to tell us about your company. To help you get started, here are six simple things you can add:

1. Do you serve a very local market or does your company’s services extend nationwide or even internationally?

2. Do you serve any particular industries or target markets?

3. What are your major products and services?

4. If you’re a retailer do you also sell online or via mail order?

5. Do you have specific opening hours?

6. What types of payment do you take?

Sing Your Own Praises

Bizwiki has a very strict style that restricts the “tone” of content and demands that the information be kept to facts (see the next post in this series) but that doesn’t mean you can’t brag a little.

* Have you won any awards?

* Do you belong to any professional memberships or groups?

* Are you a major sponsor of a charity, school or non-profit organisation?

* Do you regularly run or sponsor community events?

* Do any famous people work for or with you?

* Do you have any famous clients?

* When was the company established?

* Do you specialise in anything?

* Do any large retailers stock your products?

Provided you keep to the point, are specific and cite references, dates and names as appropriate you are welcome to add as much information as you want to your Bizwiki record.

All submissions are held for review by the editorial team so it may take a week or so for the update to be published. If you have any queries you are welcome to contact us.

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