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Quick Guide to Submitting Websites

Since beta launch Bizwiki has been swamped with submissions. It’s great! A big thank you to everyone who submitted new listings, changes and updates. We’re working through them as quickly as we can.

Please note that Bizwiki is a directory for UK companies, organisations, associations and clubs, and not a website directory.

That means that we’re more than happy to include the main website of any UK company, but not websites on their own. In fact you can add up to 5 brand or product website addresses in the External Links section of a business record.

Please make sure the company name you submit is the actual company name, not the name of the website. For instance, if Pam’s Petland wants to submit their website, they should create a record for Pam’s Petland Ltd and add it there, and not create a record for

Additional websites, like, can then simply be added to the Pam’s Petland Ltd record.

All new submissions go through an approval process and submissions that are just for websites, rather than for the company, will be rejected. If you need somewhere to submit your additional websites there’s a great list on Dmoz.

Again, to everyone who has made a submission to Bizwiki, thank you for helping this site grow and become more useful!

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  1. werutzb on October 8th, 2008


    I want to improve my SQL experience.
    I red so many SQL books and would like to
    get more about SQL for my position as oracle database manager.

    What can you recommend?


  2. admin on October 8th, 2008

    Hi Werutz,

    There are some companies listed on Bizwiki that might be able to help you. Have a look at and for starters.

    Good luck!

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