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This is the first post, so perhaps the best start would be to offer an introduction. This is the official blog for Bizwiki, a user edited site for businesses, companies and organisations that we hope will grow into one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive business directories on the web.

That is quite a challenge, and in order to accomplish it we are inviting users, business owners, company managers, consumers, clients and customers to get involved and increase the information available for everyone to use.

Bizwiki’s goal is to follow in the footsteps of two of the most influential contributor-built projects of the Internet Age, the Open Directory Project (also known as DMOZ) and Wikipedia. Where the Open Directory aims to become the definitive catalogue of the Web, and Wikipedia to become the largest reference site, Bizwiki is focussed on gathering and publishing detailed information about the world’s companies, businesses and organisations – even those without a web site or online presence of their own!

Interested? Well, you can get involved! Its simple, free and fast to sign up and start submitting your most (or least) loved companies, adding details to businesses or your own employers, and reviewing the businesses you yourself have used.

You can write on this site! Get started by clicking here.

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