Bizwiki USA Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bizwiki?

Bizwiki is a free directory of businesses. As the US focused part of this international network, aims to become the largest, most comprehensive directory of American businesses on the Web.

What businesses are on Bizwiki?

Bizwiki is focused on gathering and publishing detailed information about US companies, businesses and organizations - even those without a web site or online presence of their own.

How do I add a business to Bizwiki?

Bizwiki now offers two ways to get listed.
Bizwiki's own Bizwikibot will continue to crawl the web and gather information about companies that are not already in our database. If your company hasn't yet been added, please make sure that your company name and contact information is on your website's home, contact and about pages. If you want to update a standard listing on Bizwiki please find your listing and click on the Report/Update link. All updates to standard listings are free of charge.

Bizwiki's Yext partnership allows us to enhance our coverage of American businesses thanks to the addition of the Yext supplied 'PowerListings'. The Yext listings are a boost to our already comprehensive database, offering more in-depth information about a business, as well as special offers. If you want to sign up as a Yext customer and get your company listed on Bizwiki and the many other local search sites Yext partners with, please click here

How do I update, report an error or delete a business?

If you would like to update, report an error or ask us to delete a company listing please go to the listing in question and click on any of the Report/Update links. Please provide as much information as possible so that we can deal with your request quickly.

Who owns Bizwiki?

Bizwiki is owned and operated by Infoactive Media Ltd.

Do you have any other international Bizwikis?

Alongside the for the United States, there is also a Bizwiki for the United Kingdom. Click here to visit

Contacting Bizwiki

If you would like to update or delete a company listing please click the Report/Update link on that listing. We regret that we cannot accept update or deletion requests that are not sent from the Report/Update link associated with the company listing. If you would like to contact Bizwiki about anything else please fill out the contact form.